2024 Honda HR-V Trim Levels in Liverpool NY

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2024 Honda HR-V Overview

The 2024 Honda HR-V is a subcompact crossover SUV that offers a perfect blend of style, versatility, and efficiency. This latest iteration boasts a refreshed design featuring bold lines and a sleek profile, appealing to urban drivers and outdoor enthusiasts. As part of the HR-V's next generation, Honda has introduced several enhancements and updates to make it an even more appealing choice in the highly competitive SUV market. Additionally, this well-rounded and reliable compact SUV comes in different trim levels, which are all available in Liverpool New York at the Great Lakes Honda City dealership.

Liverpool NY - 2024 Honda HR-V's Overview

LX Trim

It is equipped with a front-Wheel Drive (FWD) system that guarantees nimble handling and precise control. Thus it is ideal for urban and suburban driving in Liverpool New York. Steering is managed through a Rack-Pinion setup, offering responsive and predictable maneuvering. With a turning diameter of 35.1 feet, the HR-V boasts an impressive turning circle, making parking and tight maneuvers a breeze. Beyond its performance, the HR-V LX offers a well-designed interior with ample legroom and cargo space. Furthermore, cutting-edge technology, including an infotainment system with user-friendly controls, keeps passengers connected and entertained.

Liverpool NY - 2024 Honda HR-V's Exterior

Sport Trim

This exciting addition to the HR-V trim levels lineup at the Great Lakes Honda City dealership offers a perfect balance of sporty design, performance, and versatility. As an SUV with a seating capacity of 5, the HR-V Sport offers practicality for families or individuals requiring extra space. In addition to its performance and interior comfort, the HR-V Sport stands out with its sporty exterior design, featuring distinctive accents and bold lines. The model comes in at a starting price of $25,650, presenting an accessible option for budget-conscious buyers looking for a thrilling driving experience.

Liverpool NY - 2024 Honda HR-V's Interior
EX-L Trim

With a starting price of $27,650, the Honda HR-V EX-L offers a premium driving experience without breaking the bank. The exterior dimensions of 179.8 inches in length and 63.4 inches in height exude a sleek and modern design, while the 104.5-inch wheelbase ensures a stable and comfortable ride. Weighing in at 3,219 pounds, the HR-V EX-L strikes a balance between efficiency and performance. To improve comfort and sophistication, the EX-L trim comes generously equipped with upscale features and premium materials in its well-appointed interior.

Liverpool NY - 2024 Honda HR-V's Mechanical
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